Rev. Dr. John Dick on Polemic Theology

This is not a typical blog post, in that it is merely a long quote. However, this quote is important. In an age where Christians are increasingly pressured—whether by unbelievers or even by other Christians—to pursue peace at the expense of truth, or simply to “calm down” in regard to defending orthodoxy, the Rev. Dr. John Dick (1734-1863) of Scotland  offers insight on why truth, when attacked or questioned, must be defended, sometimes vigorously, and often even at the expense of relationships.

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Thanksgiving: An Inherently Religious Holiday

Although Thanksgiving according to tradition had religious (Christian) underpinnings and motivations, people today don’t normally associate Thanksgiving with any particular religion. Even many atheists celebrate it. It is assumed that Thanksgiving can be a purely secular holiday. However, is celebrating Thanksgiving consistent with atheism? Short answer: No. Below is a little Thanksgiving reflection giving two reasons as to why this is so. Continue reading

Biblical or Human Inerrancy: No Other Options

No small amount of controversy has been sparked by John MacArthur’s (authored by about a dozen others, I believe) release of The Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel. A very quick response was by the group “Progressive Asian American Christians” entitled Statement on God’s Justice. Let me say at the outset that this blog post has no intention of getting into this particular debate on so-called “social justice.” What we will be exploring is the puzzling presentation in the latter statement on biblical inerrancy. Continue reading

Social Media Theologizing: A Generally Bad Idea

One of the (very) bad things about social media is social media’s theologizing. Instead of producing well-thought-out and tightly-researched theological treatises like we did long ago, people now believe they can “rightly divide the Word” in a pithy statement or two on their Facebook wall or Twitter feed. Recently, one of these attempts has been circling the web, and it made its way to me. To be frank, it is so bad, I just have to respond to it. It is a good example of why things that may sound good aren’t really that good. Continue reading

A Review of “Antinomianism” by James Henley Thornwell

Recently I picked up a copy of The Collected Writings of James Henley Thornwell on Logos Bible Software. I have in recent years become an enthusiast about the Southern Presbyterian and Reformed pastors and theologians during the nineteenth century (e.g., Dabney, Thornwell, Girardeau, etc.), so I was excited about getting this collection. As an introduction to his work, I decided to open up the second volume and read his short piece “Antinomianism.”[1] Here are my brief thoughts. Continue reading

Why I Am Not “Pro-Life”

There is much political heat being generated between the so-called “pro-choice” movement and the so-called “pro-life” movement. I (at least used to) consider myself “pro-life”; I believe in the right to life of the unborn. But, in this blog article, I am going to discuss why I think that, at least for Christians who profess the Scriptures as their supreme authority, the label “pro-life” should be totally and unequivocally abandoned. Continue reading