“A Broken Clock…”

“A broken clock is right twice a day.” This is a phrase I’ve heard a good bit recently. It is an analogy usually used to try to demonstrate that even people who have some wrong ideas can be right sometimes about some things. But is this analogy reasonable? Furthermore, is it biblical? Continue reading


A Word on “Comfort Zones”

“There are things about this church that bother me, but it gets me out of my comfort zones, so I’ll stick with it.” We hear this a lot from Christians; the phrase has practically been codified in the official dictionary of “Christianese.” But is it helpful? Is it biblical? Here are my thoughts. Continue reading

“New Atheism” and Its New “Logic”

If the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have given us anything of note in the world of religion, it is the exact opposite of religion—militant atheism. With the rise of men such as Richard Dawkins, who encourages his more enthusiastic and devoted followers to “mock” and “ridicule them [i.e., the religious, especially Christians],”[1] the emotional, verbal, and even economic persecution of Christians in America is certainly on the upswing. Noting this, I decided to revisit a book I had to read for my apologetics class in seminary: Alvin Plantinga’s Knowledge and Christian Belief. Much to my joy, he has a few delightful words for the Richard Dawkins’s of our age. Continue reading

Charlottesville, Christians, and Social Media

I fully realize that, in posting this, I will get into trouble with someone. That’s part of the issue of social media, an issue which I will address below. For now, I just want to offer some sincere thoughts on the Charlottesville incident, and the surrounding social issues. Please keep in mind that this is a post by a sincere Christian who is only a slow-minded pilgrim like the rest of them. Continue reading

“Misunderstandings of Reformed Thinking” – Sam Waldron

In today’s world of Twitter theology, prosperity “gospel,” and quasi-religious, romanticized feel-good-ism, Reformed theology has been subject to a myriad (indeed, many myriads) of misunderstanding, misrepresentation, and outright slander. Today, I ran across a helpful lecture by Dr. Sam Waldron, a Reformed Baptist minister, explaining and responding to many of these sentiments against Reformed theology. As a biblically-convinced Calvinist, I believe this video is a valuable tool in conversing with people who believe false things about Reformed teaching. Continue reading

Scripture as a “Lens”

We are creatures of perception. It is impossible to approach anything objectively, because everything we see, hear, think, or witness in this world must be filtered through whatever lens which our minds choose to wear. What will our lens be? Our sensibilities? Our opinions or notions about what is right? What about Scripture? You would be surprised how many Christians actually do not look at the world through the lens of Scripture. Let’s see what this looks like. Continue reading