Same-Sex Marriage is Now Legal: So What’s the Problem?

Undoubtedly the internet has blown up with the news of the legalization of same-sex marriage in all 50 states. Even now as I write this post there is a rainbow banner going across my administration page for this blog. People in the Church now have many questions regarding the safety of their congregations from the seemingly relentless flood of anti-Christianity sweeping our nation inch by inch. These are important issues, but I just have some thoughts about how we as Christians need to react at this moment in time, because I feel like many are missing the mark, frankly. The turth is, many Christians, and especially me, are struggling deeply with how to react to this situation. Briefly, here are my thoughts.

Before engaging this, I have to admit that this news produces in me very mixed feelings (which is why I am writing this). Already, I have heard quite different reactions from several Christian influences on my life. Some say, “We should not panic or be shrill. Trust God.” Others cry out prophetic warnings of judgment and reprobation. If I’m totally honest, my gut reaction is to be like the latter—to be angry, upset, and truthful. There seems to be no mediating reaction. Now, my immediate first thought is this: Why shouldn’t believers be angry about this? Our entire nation has now legalized (fully embraced as acceptable) and is now engaged in active and willful rebellion against our Father in heaven: our Lord, our Master, and our Christ. And, like John Calvin said, “A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God’s truth is attacked and yet would remain silent.” This act of government is an assault upon the truth of God. There is a big part of me that says (and really believes!) Christians need to be barking, not out of whimsical play, but out of the love and protection of our Master and his Word.

But, that’s not all. I said before that my feelings are very mixed, right? There is also this other part of me—the much smaller, non-OCD, calmer (my wife is saying, “Yeah, right”) part of me—that says, “Wait a minute. Our task is still the same. We have not changed and the world has not changed. Also, regardless of whatever a court—no matter how high—may say, unregenerate sinners, unless acted upon by God himself, will always be just that: unregenerate. Therefore, our approach should be no different that it was before. After all, same-sex relationships have been the norm for a while, now it’s just legal. So, we should use this as an opportunity to speak into the problem, to bring people out of the darkness and into the light. The fight over possible, now actual, legalization is over, now we can move on to God’s work! Speak out less, because our world is deaf. Focus on connecting and speaking into lives.

The problem is, I agree fully with both positions! So, in saying all this, I simply want to state that, between the two extreme reactions above, I feel there really should be a balance for Christians. I feel like some are overly naïve, while others are overly hateful (of course, there is no such thing as overly hateful, because hate in any sense is too much). The thing is, I think we should be—and have just cause for being—angry and loving; one feeling should not exclude the other. We should not be angry to the point of being unloving; we should not be loving to the point of being affirming. Yes, God is sovereign over all of what is happening in this country. However, that does not give us grounds to cease lament or refrain from action. David, who certainly knew of God’s control over everything, still lamented the sin in and around him. We should be genuinely angry that God and his Word are being spit upon, that holiness is being trampled upon, and that human nature as God lovingly created it is being perverted—and, even more, that such is being rejoiced over. That is legitimate cause for anger, in my opinion. But, that anger should in the end drive us to God for help and comfort, which, in turn, should lead us to evangelism.

Finally, I feel like I have to also address this issue. Yes, we Christians are fallen and sinners just like the rest of mankind, so why do we seem to rail against homosexuality so much? It’s no different than any other sin, right? Exactly. It is no less a sin than pornography, drugs, stealing, lust or anything else. So, why all the hubbub about this one thing? James White spells it out beautifully: There is no other sin that is more celebrated in today’s society than homosexuality. No group, Christian or atheist, is out there advocating thievery or murder as an acceptable lifestyle for believers. Yet, homosexuality (which, remember, is equally sinful!) is being advocated as such. Therefore, it is not the nature of the sin that warrants so many words, but the society’s view of it. That’s is the fuel for this fire. It is not hypocritical spec-grabbing from people’s eyes; it is addressing the culture’s view as a whole of this sin.

There are hard times ahead of the (true) Church in America. Let us seek God’s face in the midst of it all. Let us seek diligently how we should address this issue in a Christ-like manner that glorifies God, because, just like God, his glory is (and should be) our only concern, not matter what a corrupt government may legislate. Let us be bold and humble, angry and loving, separate and engaged.


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