We All Make Mistakes, So Let’s Just Stop Judging!

I wonder how many times during the past week the average Christian heard this. Everybody knows the routine: a Christian points out clear biblical teaching on sin, and the first thing out of another’s mouth is Matthew 7:1, “Judge not!” To be quite honest, this is quite frustrating for Christians because, truth be told, this verse is rarely quoted because a person is truly interested in or concerned about biblical fidelity. No, this verse is almost universally quoted to silence all opposition, even if that opposition comes from the Bible itself, because the person quoting most likely realizes they have no other defense at hand. Isn’t it ironic that the secular culture—even many Christians—uses Jesus own words to silence his Word? Now, I am not saying that this verse should be dismissed or that it does not apply to Christians; it most certainly does. That will be addressed later. What I am saying is that we should know how to respond to the quotation of this verse.

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