If anyone would be able to peruse my Facebook account for a day, they would find (and should not be overly surprised) that I like to debate. I confess, debating—particularly being right—as of late has been a struggle for me (in that it falls dangerously close, and many times extends into, idolatry). However, I think debating is truly a lost art, and an important one. Truth matters. (That should not be a point of debate!) And, as long as it is done in a Christian manner, debating is very useful, for the debaters and especially for those watching/listening. Therefore, my main goals in debating are honesty, charity, and transparency. I say this because nothing aggravates me more than a debater—even if he or she is on my side (and right in their conclusions!)—who debates dishonestly. Therefore, I want to make these resolutions (a la Jonathan Edwards) for myself in my debating endeavors. Some of these I have broken; others I have sought to maintain faithfully. Continue reading