First Thoughts on the Christian Standard Bible (CSB)

This month Holman Bible Publishers released their major revision of the formerly-named Holman Christian Standard Bible, calling it now simply the Christian Standard Bible. I have been waiting for this revision for some time now, exited very much about the supposed changes that would take place. That time is here. I have had the CSB for a day now and have been scanning it for the changes, and here are my thoughts. Continue reading


God Is in Everyone?

This Thanksgiving I was watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The CBS coverage of the parade included a scene from the Broadway production of The Color Purple. Although I had heard a lot of good things about this highly-acclaimed musical, I know next to nothing about it. During this scene, I happened to catch this line: “God is inside me and everyone else / That was or ever will be. / I came into this world with God / And when I finally looked inside, I found it, / Just as close as breath is to me.” Needless to say, this statement caught my attention. Here are some of my thoughts. Continue reading