Blog Restart

Dear Readers,

A couple years ago I decided to cease my activity on this blog. It had been going for some time. Over a period of four or five years, I had written around forty posts on various subjects. Most of the posts were about various pet topics of mine. Over time, however, the blog eventually became a place where I could vent about and respond to various events and articles I had encountered. I eventually pulled the plug on the blog because I had grown weary of keeping up with it.

However, with recent events, and the fact social media has become the veritable wasteland that it is, I have been encouraged by several people to write as much as I am able. Therefore, I will be restarting and revamping this blog. My plan, however, will not be to continue what I had going before, where I would post in more of an ad hoc manner. This time, I plan to make more focused series of posts of important issues being raised today. I will still likely post the occasional and polemical response to something I have seen or read, but my focus will be far more on rigorous reflection and presentation of issues and topics from a biblical perspective. I intend these posts to be more scholarly in nature, yet still popular. I want them to be useful to others.

Many of the blog posts from the previous iteration of this website were, in my opinion, sub-par. They were not well thought out, and were perfunctory in character and style. (Of course, I was six or seven years younger when I wrote many of them.) There were several, though, that I thought were of some quality. At some point in the near future, Lord willing, I hope to republish these either in the main blog or in an archived section of the blog website.

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