About this Blog

There are so many blogs around today. Imagine any topic in the world, and there is most likely a blog about it. That is no less true in theology. So, why this blog? Well, this blog has multiple purposes. First, I simply want a way to improve my writing. As a seminary student, it is important that I am always writing about something. Writing is a huge part of my education, and it can only help if I am always thinking, always processing, and always writing. It will improve my writing skills and my thinking skills. Second, I wish to inspire conversation with others, both from the same theological perspective and especially from opposing perspectives (see my first post and my Statement of Faith for my theological perspective). Third, I wish to join that massive world of blogging in hopes of contributing something to the various conversations on various topics.

I hope all who read this blog enjoy it, be it by simply reading, responding, or sharing.

Blessings in Christ,



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