Scripture as a “Lens”

We are creatures of perception. It is impossible to approach anything objectively, because everything we see, hear, think, or witness in this world must be filtered through whatever lens which our minds choose to wear. What will our lens be? Our sensibilities? Our opinions or notions about what is right? What about Scripture? You would be surprised how many Christians actually do not look at the world through the lens of Scripture. Let’s see what this looks like. Continue reading


First Thoughts on the Christian Standard Bible (CSB)

This month Holman Bible Publishers released their major revision of the formerly-named Holman Christian Standard Bible, calling it now simply the Christian Standard Bible. I have been waiting for this revision for some time now, exited very much about the supposed changes that would take place. That time is here. I have had the CSB for a day now and have been scanning it for the changes, and here are my thoughts. Continue reading

God Is in Everyone?

This Thanksgiving I was watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The CBS coverage of the parade included a scene from the Broadway production of The Color Purple. Although I had heard a lot of good things about this highly-acclaimed musical, I know next to nothing about it. During this scene, I happened to catch this line: “God is inside me and everyone else / That was or ever will be. / I came into this world with God / And when I finally looked inside, I found it, / Just as close as breath is to me.” Needless to say, this statement caught my attention. Here are some of my thoughts. Continue reading

“Confessional” or “No Creed but Christ”? (Part 2)

In a previous post (my second one ever, in fact), I jotted down my thoughts on the whole issue regarding confessions of faith. Please go back there to get the foundation for this post. However, for this short post, I want to publish a quote across which I recently came that puts those thoughts of mine in the previous post into a clear, concise, and powerful statement. Continue reading


If anyone would be able to peruse my Facebook account for a day, they would find (and should not be overly surprised) that I like to debate. I confess, debating—particularly being right—as of late has been a struggle for me (in that it falls dangerously close, and many times extends into, idolatry). However, I think debating is truly a lost art, and an important one. Truth matters. (That should not be a point of debate!) And, as long as it is done in a Christian manner, debating is very useful, for the debaters and especially for those watching/listening. Therefore, my main goals in debating are honesty, charity, and transparency. I say this because nothing aggravates me more than a debater—even if he or she is on my side (and right in their conclusions!)—who debates dishonestly. Therefore, I want to make these resolutions (a la Jonathan Edwards) for myself in my debating endeavors. Some of these I have broken; others I have sought to maintain faithfully. Continue reading

Why Does God Still Blame Us? The Crucial Question of Romans 9

Just recently I have “come out” in regards to my Reformed convictions. This is scary and liberating at the same time. It is scary because, as a Calvinist,  I have been on the receiving end of some of the most vicious, vitriolic and vile speech I have ever seen in my life. But, it’s liberating because, now, I get to write more freely about things which I feel are important about the issue. Romans 9:19 is one of those things. Continue reading

Three Things to Remember this Pentecost Sunday

According to the liturgical calendar, almost 2,000 years ago a wonderful thing happened. No, it actually wasn’t Pentecost. Pentecost had been happening for centuries; it was nothing new. What I am speaking of just so happened to be on the day of Pentecost. Of course, most know what I am referencing by now. What happened is that the promised Holy Spirit was sent to the people of God, and the Church was born. If this has been happening for so long, why write a post about it? Continue reading