This is a page I will devote to the assembly of useful (and free, most of the time) theological resources for all of those interested in the endeavor.

Confessions: Many of these confessions were compiled and edited by me. They are in PDF format.1

  1. Second Helvetic Confession – This confession of faith was written largely (if not solely) by Swiss theologian Heinrich Bullinger, one of the Reformation’s most influential yet overlooked figures, in the year 1566. It is the lengthiest and probably most thorough of the confessions contained within this page. Edited by me with Scripture references retained in the text; now bookmarked.
  2. Westminster Confession of Faith – This edition is the “American Revision” as adopted by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church in America. The portions from the original 1646 edition are in italics; the amendments are included in the footnotes. Edited by me with Scripture references footnoted; now bookmarked.
  3. Savoy Declaration – This is a little-known confession that was penned in 1658. It is almost identical to the WCF, but made several changes in the chapters regarding Church and state issues (the civil magistrate) and church government (it is a Congregationalist confession as opposed to the WCF, which is Presbyterian). John Owen, a Puritan and arguably one of the most brilliant and important Reformed English theologians past or present, played a significant role in the formulation of this document. Edited by me; no Scripture references; now bookmarked.
  4. London Baptist Confession of Faith – This confession was published in 1689 and is still the confession of reformed Baptists everywhere. This, too, is very, very similar to both the WCF and the Savoy Declaration, except the LBCF adopts a congregational polity (from the Savoy Declaration) and departs from both in taking a credobaptist position on baptism (both the WCF and the Savoy Declaration are paedobaptist). Edited by me with Scripture references footnoted; now bookmarked.
  5. Goat Yard Declaration of Faith – This is a very short, but sold declaration of faith drawn up by John Gill, the English Particular Baptist preacher and theologian.
  6. Three Forms of Unity – This is a collection of three documents: the Belgic Confession, Heidelberg Catechism, and Canons of Dort. These are the most commonly-affirmed confessional standards of continental Reformed churches (slightly different than Presbyterian but, for all intents and purposes, essentially identical).


  1. Abortion Case Study – This is a case study a friend of mine and I did for our Christian Ethics class at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. I hope it offers at least a little insight into the biblical and ethical issues of abortion.

People I Listen To:

  1. Dr. James White (Alpha and Omega Ministries) – Dr. White is a Reformed Baptist apologist from Phoenix, Arizona. He debates on a wide range of topics, primarily Islam, Roman Catholicism, and Mormonism, but also things like Open Theism, baptism, and church government. His website can be found here.

Pages I Like:

  1. Christian Classics Ethereal Library – This is an awesome website. These folks have taken up the enormous project of typesetting their own editions of many, many public domain Christian works, and they do a great job. You can download many things from the Early Church Fathers, to C.S. Lewis, to any number of dogmatic and systematic theologies.

Recommended Preachers:

  1. Art Azurdia (Portland, OR)
  2. Joel Beeke (Grand Rapids, MI)
  3. Don Fortner (Danville, KY)
  4. Don Fry (Phoenix, AR)
  5. Henry Mahan (Ashland, KY)
  6. Paul Washer (Radford, VA)

  1. Please report any typos or errors contained within the confessions by filling out a contact form on this page.

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